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About Us Care and Warranty

CEDAR FENCE CARE: To keep your wood fence looking good, it is important that it is properly cared for. Apply a high quality stain/sealant preferably soon after installation (after the wood has had ample time to dry). Use a product that has both a U.V. protectant for damage from the sun as well as a water repellant.
Generally, a sealant with a pigment (as opposed to a clear sealant) will last longer. We recommend that you apply a sealant annually the first two years to provide adequate protection, and then apply as needed thereafter as needed (probably every 3-5 years).

Adjust sprinkler heads so they do not hit the fence directly, as this will cause hard water stains to appear on the fence. If staining does occur or if the fence becomes discolored or grey for any reason, a high pressure washer with 3000 psi can be used to clean the fence. This will leave the fence looking new and ready for staining/sealing.

Because cedar is a natual product, it does not carry a material warranty. However a properly installed and maintained cedar fence can last 15+ years.

FENCEIN DECK WARRANTY: FenceIn Deck provides a one-year workmanship warranty to cover installation services. The warranty is in effect provided customers apply normal use to the purpose of the fence. Small repairs due to neglect or abnormal use (such as leaving gates open instead of properly latched when not in use or using the fence to retain dirt), or typical wear are not covered through our warranty but FenceIn Deck is happy to provide advice to our customers in performing their own simple repairs and adjustments, or to provide our services for site work for a reasonable cost.